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Welcome to the Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research (R.A.) website (the “website”).

This website is intended for personal use only, and not commercial use.

Use of this website constitutes the user’s consent to these ‘Terms of Use’, including, but not limited to, the responsibility of the website’s owners and/or operators and/or information providers and/or any of them. Therefore, please read the terms and conditions carefully before using the website.

The Shoresh Institution reserves the right to modify and update the Terms of Use at any time. It is the user’s responsibility to stay up-to-date with modifications to this policy from time to time. Changes to this policy will be valid from their time of publication on the site.


The Terms of Use apply to use of the website and the content included therein. The term “content” includes, inter alia, but not only, graphic designs, reports, articles, news, data, databases, analyses, texts, clips, computer software, audio files, information of any type, as shall be made available to the users on the website, and any other detail relating to operation of the website.

The information provided on the website is presented freely and without charge, and its use does not constitute any agreement and/or undertaking between the user and the Shoresh Institution and/or anyone on its behalf and/or any other person who is affiliated in any way, directly and/or indirectly, with the website and/or the content therein.

Users of the website will make no use of crawlers or spyware that are intended to collect information, including indexing activity, from the website.

The website is available to all internet users. Some of the services require registration. It will be possible to use these services after the user completes the registration process consents to the required terms.

The website, including the content and the services offered therein, are offered ‘as is’, including the characteristics and limitations thereof, and the user shall have no claim and/or lawsuit and/or demand against the Shoresh Institution and/or anyone on its behalf, with respect to the characteristics or limitations of the website and/or the possibilities therein, or in connection with its compatibility with the needs and requirements of the user.

Privacy policy

The Shoresh Institution respects the privacy of the persons surfing and using the website.

When using the website, information may accumulate about the pages viewed by the users, the services and information that interested them, the time they spent on the website, the actions they performed throughout the website, etc.

Use of this information, as well as information that the users provide during registration for various services on the website, will be made only according to the Terms of Use and/or pursuant to the provisions of any law, and inter alia in order to improve and enrich the services and content offered on the website, and in this context to create new services and content that are suited to the requirements and expectations of the website’s users, and to change or cancel existing services and content.

The Shoresh Institution shall also use the said information for statistical purposes. The Shoresh Institution will be entitled to deliver the statistical data to a third party, provided that the information does not identify the users personally, unless required by law and/or within the context of legal proceedings. To clarify, some of the data from use of the website is collected and analyzed by companies that provide statistical analyses and information services, such as Google Analytics. Use of information collected by analytics firms is subject to the privacy policies of such firms and not to the institution’s policy as specified herein.

Direct marketing

By consenting to provide his/her details on the website, the user confirms and allows the Shoresh Institution to use them for purposes of receipt of direct marketing and direct marketing services with respect to the Shoresh Institution, its content, services, activity, and/or advertisements, as defined in Israel’s Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts), (Amendment no. 40), 2008, via e-mail and/or home address and/or SMS, unless the user notifies Shoresh of his/her wish to stop receiving such communications.

The user shall have no claim and/or demand and/or lawsuit, including in respect to Israel’s Communications Law (Telecommunications and Broadcasts) 1982, against the Shoresh Institution and/or anyone on its behalf due to receipt of any mail, including advertising mail. At any given time, any user may, notify the Shoresh Institution of his/her wish to cease continued receipt of direct marketing items and direct marketing services, including advertisements, via written notice by e-mail to: info@shoresh.institute. This e-mail will be processed within 10 working days. Insofar as the notice is unclear and/or lacks details, the processing time may be longer.

Absence of liability

For purposes of this section, the “Shoresh Institution” includes its employees and representatives.

The Shoresh Institution’s website service is offered ‘as is’. The Shoresh Institution bears no responsibility with respect to the service and/or the service’s suitability for the users’ needs, characteristics, abilities or limitations in respect of the use.

The user alone bears responsibility for the use of the website. The Shoresh Institution shall bear no liability for any damage caused to a user or to any third party as a direct or indirect result of use of the service, including damage caused due to use of software applications downloaded directly through the service or operated as a result of use of the service, and the user alone shall bear responsibility for the manner in which he makes use of the service.

In addition, in the event that there may be errors, contradictions or discrepancies etc. the Shoresh Institution bears no liability for any damage caused due to reliance on the information.

The Shoresh Institution does not guarantee that the service provided on the website will be provided without interruptions or technical difficulty, and/or will be completely resistant to unlawful access, damage, faults, malfunctions, hardware or software failures or communication failures at the Shoresh Institution or at any of its providers/suppliers.

Information security

The Shoresh Institution secures the information through advanced information security systems. However, the Shoresh Institution is unable to guarantee that the services and the information on the website and on the servers will be absolutely resistant to computer hacking and/or hacking attempts. Therefore, the Shoresh Institution does not guarantee that its servers will be absolutely resistant to unauthorized access to the information stored thereon. If a third party succeeds in hacking into information saved by the Shoresh Institution and/or in making adverse use thereof, the user shall have no claim or lawsuit or demand against the Shoresh Institution.


The website includes links to a variety of other websites and presents information provided by third parties. The Shoresh Institution is not liable for content provided as aforesaid and which appears on the website or on the various websites. In addition, the Shoresh Institution is not liable for the privacy policy or for the manner and degree of information security on these websites, or for the manner in which information of the visitors thereto is saved and handled. For the avoidance of doubt, it is clarified that these Terms of Use apply to the activity on the Shoresh Institution website only, and do not apply to websites of third parties, and the user’s use of other websites is subject to such websites’ terms of use and privacy policy.

The Shoresh Institution is not generally affiliated with, nor does it represent in any manner or form, the operators of the other websites or the information providers, and it is not an agent thereof or authorized to act on their behalf or to bind them by any of its actions.

The Shoresh Institution is not liable for any direct or indirect damage caused to users as a result of use of, or reliance on, information and content appearing on websites which they shall visit through or via use of or a link on the Shoresh Institution’s website.

The Shoresh Institution does not guarantee that links found on the website will be in working order and will lead the user to an active website, and it may remove links included thereon in the past or refrain from adding new links, all at its absolute discretion.

Intellectual property

All of the copyrights and the intellectual property in the website, the services offered and the content included therein belong to the Shoresh Institution and/or a third party which has given the Shoresh Institution usage permission.

The user may make “fair use” of the materials according to the rules set forth in the law, including the Copyrights Law. When a person quotes from the materials on the website, he/she must clearly cite the “Shoresh Institution for Socioeconomic Research” as the source of the quote.

It is prohibited to distort, damage or change the material in any way, or to take any action that serves to depreciate the material, which may harm the dignity or reputation of the holder of the copyrights therein.

Subject to copyrights law, it is prohibited to copy, redistribute or publish protected material on any type of media (radio, television, the press, etc.), including digital media, without the prior written consent of the holders of the rights. No commercial use shall be made of the website or the information posted thereon.

Changes to the website and discontinuation of the service

The Shoresh Institution reserves the right to make any change to the website, including the structure of the website, the services offered therein, their content, scope and availability, links and any other change, as it deems fit, according to its sole decision and without any need to give prior notice thereof on the website.

Users shall have no claim or lawsuit against the Shoresh Institution due to the implementation of such changes, or due to faults that occur incidentally to the making thereof.

The Shoresh Institution may decide, at any time, to take down the website and discontinue provision of the services through it.


The user shall indemnify the Shoresh Institution, its employees, managers or anyone on its behalf for any damage, loss, loss of profit, payment or expense that they shall incur, including legal fees and trial costs, due to a breach of these Terms of Use.

Contact details

If there is a change in the user’s personal details or if the user has any other questions pertaining to the Shoresh Institution’s activity, the user may contact the institution directly via e-mail at info@shoresh.institute.

Law and venue

Use of the website is governed solely by the laws of the State of Israel. The authorized courts in the Tel Aviv district in Israel shall have sole jurisdiction over any matter deriving from these Terms of Use or from use of the website.

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