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Influencing the national discourse

“Research institutes that shape policies are a new phenomenon in Israel that began just ten years ago. The trailblazer in this realm has been Professor Dan Ben-David… Israel has taken a long and important step in turning its economic discourse into a professional one based on research and data”

Haaretz - TheMarker (December 2019)
from article on why the paper included Shoresh President, Prof. Ben-David, in its list of Israel’s 100 most influential persons.

In 2023, Professor Dan Ben-David received the prestigious "Knight of Quality Government Award" granted by the Movement for Quality Government “in recognition of his significant contribution to Israel’s academia and society; for providing evidence-based analyses to decision makers and the general public; and for his impact on the determination of policies at the national level.”

Knight of Quality Government Award

Israel's leading policy makers personally present Shoresh Institution findings

Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid
Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid

Former Prime Minister Yair Lapid is very familiar with the Shoresh Institution’s policy research. In advance of the September 2019 elections, Lapid met with Shoresh president, Prof. Dan Ben-David to receive an update of Shoresh’s most recent findings on Israel’s primary long-term socioeconomic challenges. He subsequently produced a TED Talk style video entitled “A look at the Future” (מבט לעתיד), based almost exclusively on Shoresh Institution findings and graphs.

Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett
Former Prime Minister Naftali Bennett

In 2015, Shoresh Institution researchers, Prof. Dan Ben-David, Prof. Ayal Kimhi and Dr. Noam Gruber, met with then Education Minister Naftali Bennett and presented him with an overview of Israel’s education system and its socioeconomic impact. During the meeting, Bennett decided to personally present – to parents, teachers and principals – some of the Shoresh findings highlighting the strong relationship between the level of high school mathematics and the future wages. The video was then widely circulated on social media by Bennett and the Ministry of Education as part of their successful campaign encouraging more pupils to study mathematics at their highest level of aptitude.

In the media

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Shoresh’s distinctive ability to present its exceptional evidence-based findings and analyses in clear and accessible language has earned it broad public respect and trust from all sectors of the Israeli government and society. Ongoing requests for briefings on Shoresh’s studies from cabinet ministers and opposition leaders alike, alongside regular requests for interviews and ongoing media coverage are a testament to the institution’s public gravitas and impact.

Photo of audience

Channel 13 news feature: Prof. Dan Ben-David and Matan Hodorov in Bnei Brak

(with English subtitles)

Matan Hodorov: “The professor at the meeting with the haredim [ultra-Orthodox Jews]: ‘There will be no way back’. Sounds apocalyptic, but at the beginning of the week when the two haredi parties are once again about to take the helm with unprecedented power and positions, Prof. Dan Ben-David is warning about the direction that the vehicle is speeding toward. ‘Half of the children here receive a third-world education. This is a country where 50% of the population is so poor that they don't pay any income tax at all.’ If Israel doesn't come to its senses soon, it simply won't be there for our children and grandchildren when they grow up.” (Dec. 10, 2022)

In their words

Editors-in-chief of leading Israel’s newspapers, representing the gamut of political perspectives, assess Shoresh’s impact:

Aluf Benn, Editor-in-Chief, Haaretz

“Dani Ben-David has been raising the alarm over Israel's root economic problems through years of painstaking research and ringing the public bells. He is a voice to be listened to on the prospects of Israeli society.”

David Horovitz, Editor-in-Chief, Times of Israel

“Dan Ben-David's research opened my eyes to the crisis facing Israel’s economy … people need to recognize the problem, and Dan's work is crucial to that.”

Steve Linde, Editor-in-Chief, Jerusalem Post

“[Ben-David’s] important research and sharp analyses are key to understanding Israel, and his work has a huge impact on both government officials and opinion-shapers.”

Yon Feder, Editor-in-Chief, Ynet

“These [Shoresh Institution] studies have become vitally important in describing 'the Israeli situation' and the long-term directions that Israeli society is headed … As the editor-in-chief of Ynet, I always try to provide [the institution’s research] the prominent exposure that befits it.”

Sami Peretz, Editor-in-Chief, The Marker

“It is difficult to imagine the socioeconomic discourse in Israel without [Ben-David’s] steady research contribution, wisdom and his commitment … providing interesting, important and seminal findings on Israeli society in the past, present and future.”

Galit Hemi, Editor-in-Chief, Calcalist

“Prof. Dan Ben-David is an exceptional voice among Israel’s leading economists … His in-depth analyses … [are] manifested in the formation of national priorities and government reforms that have been implemented over the years.”

Yoel Esteron, founder and publisher, Calcalist

“As the head of a leading Israeli business newspaper, I can attest that Professor Dan Ben-David’s contribution is priceless.”

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