Shoresh Research Papers


Leaving the Promised Land Ė A look at Israelís emigration challenge

Prof. Dan Ben-David

May 2019 press release


A Primer on Israelís Pension System: Where it is Today and Suggestions for the Future

Sarit Menahem Carmi and Prof. Ayal Kimhi

June 2018 press release


An Overview of Israelís Education System and its Impact

(provides a comprehensive analysis of the Shoresh Handbook 2017-2018 findings)

Prof. Dan Ben-David and Prof. Ayal Kimhi

December 2017


Underlying the low scores of Israeli pupils: Perceptions versus reality in the PISA exam

Dr. Noam Gruber

January 2017†† press release


The Socioeconomic Effects of Education Quality versus Quantity Ė Lessons from Israelís extensive natural experiment in the 2000s

Prof. Dan Ben-David

December 2016†† executive summary


The Israeli Housing Market: Approaching a Turnaround

Dr. Noam Gruber

November 2016†† press release