The Shoresh Institutionís most recent publications:


Doing (learning) the math in Israel - Conflicting demographic trends and the core curriculum

Prof. Dan Ben-David

November 2019


Leaving the Promised Land Ė A look at Israelís emigration challenge

Prof. Dan Ben-David

May 2019


Two Wars and Demography Ė A Long Run View of Israelís Recent Elections

Prof. Dan Ben-David

May 2019


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Mission statement


The Shoresh Institution is an independent, non-partisan policy research center.The institution conducts impartial, evidence-based analyses of Israelís economy and civil society.Its objective is to assist in moving the country towards a sustainable long-term trajectory that raises Israelís living standards while reducing disparity among its citizens.To further this goal, the Shoresh Institution informs Israelís leading policymakers and the general public, both inside and outside the country, through briefings and accessible publications on the source, nature and scope of core issues facing the country, providing policy options that ensure and improve the well-being of all segments of Israeli society and create more equitable opportunities for its citizens.



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