Israel needs Shoresh

– and Shoresh needs you


            The Shoresh Institution is entirely dependent on support from individuals and organizations who understand how important it is for Israel to have a venerable independent policy research institution with the kind of gravitas that policy-makers from across the political spectrum listen to and cite – an institution that provides all those who care about the future of Israel with evidence-based policy analyses at the highest professional levels. 

            To maintain its independence, the Shoresh Institution does not accept funding from any governmental bodies in Israel or abroad.  It relies instead on dedicated supporters who make it possible for Shoresh to fulfill its mission of providing professional analyses of Israel’s fundamental underlying socioeconomic challenges in formats accessible to all. 

            If you believe that the kind of material found on this site provides a unique and important contribution, then please support the Shoresh Institution and ensure that we will be able to continue doing this kind of work for years to come.  Tax deductible donations are possible.  For information on how to become a supporter of Shoresh, please contact: