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Mission statement


The Shoresh Institution is an independent, non-partisan policy research center.The institution conducts impartial, evidence-based analyses of Israelís economy and civil society.Its objective is to assist in moving the country towards a sustainable long-term trajectory that raises Israelís living standards while reducing disparity among its citizens.To further this goal, the Shoresh Institution informs Israelís leading policymakers and the general public, both inside and outside the country, through briefings and accessible publications on the source, nature and scope of core issues facing the country, providing policy options that ensure and improve the well-being of all segments of Israeli society and create more equitable opportunities for its citizens.






††††††††††† Income and education gaps within Israel are among the highest in the developed world.In addition, productivity gaps between developed countries and Israel are not only high, they have been increasing steadily since the 1970s.Many current policy decisions and much of the public debate in Israel are based on conventional wisdom Ė which is often incorrect Ė instead of actual facts.For the country to change course, identification of the root (shoresh) causes underlying Israelís most severe challenges is essential.This requires state-of-the-art abilities to see the big picture, understand it, and disseminate it to others.

††††††††††† The need to satisfy this most basic national necessity has led some of Israelís top researchers to establish the Shoresh institution.Its goal is to provide the countryís policy-makers and all those who care about Israel with reliable academic-level findings and evidence-based analyses in clear and accessible language.These are fundamental building blocks essential for enabling strategic perspectives and comprehensive systemic solutions.

††††††††††† The apolitical nature of the Shoresh Institution Ė which differs from the more common research center model of advocacy Ė makes it a unique and important source of impartial information.The experienced Shoresh team is a highly respected and trusted leader in its field, whose findings are cited by Israelís top policy-makers spanning the political spectrum.



Senior Researchers



Prof. Dan Ben-David

Shoresh Institution and Tel-Aviv University






Prof. Ayal Kimhi

Shoresh Institution and Hebrew University







Academic Advisory Council


Dr. Henry Aaron

Brookings Institution


Professor David Autor

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Professor Aaron Ciechanover

Technion Institute of Technology

(Nobel and Israel Prize Laureate)


Professor Jacob Frenkel

JP Morgan Chase International

(Israel Prize Laureate and

former Bank of Israel Governor)


Professor Claudia Goldin

Harvard University


Professor Reuben Gronau

Hebrew University


Professor Eric Hanushek

Stanford University and

Hoover Institution


Professor James Heckman

University of Chicago

(Nobel Laureate)


Professor Daniel Kahneman

Princeton University

(Nobel Laureate)


Professor Joel Mokyr

Northwestern University


Professor Howard Pack

University of Pennsylvania


Professor Steven Popper

RAND Corporation


Professor Assaf Razin

Cornell University and

Tel-Aviv University


Professor Dan Shechtman

Technion Institute of Technology

(Nobel and Israel Prize Laureate)


Professor Eytan Sheshinski

Hebrew University