Changing the
Policy-Making Paradigm


††††††††††† The common policy-making approach of focusing on symptomatic treatments with short-term horizons on the basis of partial data, anecdotes and often-incorrect conventional wisdom is one of the underlying reasons for Israelís current unsustainable socioeconomic trajectory.The policy-making paradigm needs to undergo a fundamental transition towards strategic, long-term, evidence-based perspectives focusing on the root (shoresh) causes of the Israelís primary social and economic challenges in key areas such as growth, poverty, inequality, employment, education and health.

††††††††††† As its name in Hebrew suggest, one aspect of the Shoresh Institutionís mission is to conduct high-quality, professional research on the root socioeconomic issues.Another aspect of the mission is the dissemination of its findings and recommendations as broadly as possible.This multi-faceted objective is intended to facilitate public discourse and policy-making shifts that can return the country to a viable socioeconomic trajectory that will be sustainable in the future.