Cynthia Wroclawski


Cynthia Wroclawski is the Shoresh Institutionís Director of Strategic Partnerships. She served as Director of the Yad Vashem Shoah Victims' Names Recovery Project and deputy director of the Yad Vashem Archives Division. An American born Israeli who moved to Israel in the late 1980ís, Cynthia lives in Kibbutz Revadim and has served as past co-chair of the steering committee of the Yoav Ė Lehigh Valley (PA) Partnership2Gether (Jewish Agency program) from 2012-2018. Cynthia was a deanís list student at New York University, receiving B.A. with a double major in Journalism and Judaic Studies. She graduated with honors from the Hebrew University, receiving an M.A. in Communications and Journalism. Cynthia also holds a certificate in Advanced Modern Marketing from the Department for Executive Education in Tel Aviv Universityís Faculty of Management.